RNLI Porthdinllaen on the Llyn Peninsula

The redevelopment of the RNLI £2.7m boathouse in Porthdinllaen broke ground in 2012. From the outset it looked to be an exciting project with the majority of materials being brought in by sea, due to the remote location and the adjacent cliff-side. The 18 month project included the construction of a new boathouse and slipway and was completed by main contractor BAM, Nuttall.

RNLI Porthdinllaen on the Llyn Peninsula


Envirodoor was approved to supply, deliver and install its envirolite GRP translucent stacking door within the sub-contract works. The envirolite GRP stacking door is the door of choice for the RNLI stations across the UK.


Choosing the envirolite profile added a distinctive style and elegance to the boathouse appearance whilst providing a durable solution that could withstand the harsh wind speeds, rain, sea spray/salt and fluctuating temperatures of such an extreme environment.  The envirolite fulfils the key criteria of providing a safe, secure and reliable exit for the new Tamar lifeboat and its crew.  With its glass fibre reinforced panels the envirolite GRP Translucent Stacking door is an extremely strong and secure yet lightweight solution and due to the door allowing up to 70% of the natural light to come into the boathouse, the door provides a very light area within the facility for the crew to work whilst at the same time reduces the lighting costs in the boathouse.

Key Features:

  • The envirolite door construction provides a safe barrier against the harsh marine conditions
  • The envirolite GRP panels provide 70% - 80% translucency that gives the perfect amount of diffused, bright and pleasant working light allowing work to be completed within the building safely and reducing lighting costs.
  • The envirolite door construction provides a solid, safe and secure entrance/exit
  • The envirolite door can withstand wind speeds of up to  class 5 (1.3 kM s)
  • The removable front to the guiding track and individually suspended door panels assist both maintenance and easy installation
  • Individually hung door panels are lifted by a 415 V motor geared drive chain.
  • The envirolite door system smoothly raises the GRP panels that are then neatly stacked one behind another and held vertically in cassette by the galvanised brackets at the top of the door opening, reducing the area in the building in which to store an open door, unlike a traditional overhead door.

The door was supplied and fitted with all hardware in-house at Envirodoor prior to despatch to ensure a quality finished product arrived on site. Installation was then completed by our specialist engineers on time and to the satisfaction of the main contractor, architect and RNLI alike.

Speaking from the RNLI HQ in Poole Christopher Refoy, States construction manager of RNLI said:
“Porthdinllaen is the third RNLI station to receive its new Tamar lifeboat, named John D Spicer, which must to be securely housed and ready to launch in the shortest time possible.  Every second counts when lives are at stake and having such a reliable, safe smooth  opening and closing door that is able to withstand the harshest of marine environments is a real asset.

The envirolite GRP stacking door is an investment for our future and will contribute to a more stable interior climate, meaning energy losses will be kept to a minimum.  As a charity the RNLI needs to ensure its funds are appropriately spent to ensure longevity of our service.  We are delighted with the envirolite GRP stacking door and the aftercare preventative maintenance plan provided by the Envirodoor team which will ensure the smooth running of all our RNLI stations for many years to come.  It is imperative that when investing in such high tech door systems that the investment is correctly looked after by a specialist team who know the specialist door industry better than anyone”.

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