Cold Store Doors

Cold Store Doors

All of our cold store doors are designed in line with the strictest industry guidelines and have been specified by some of the leading names within the food manufacturing industry.

In addition to short opening and closing cycles, which ensure that optimum temperatures are constantly maintained, our range of cold store doors also offer the option of hermetic sealing or air cushion insulation. This not only guarantees that foodstuffs are stored in peak condition, but also helps to reduce energy consumption and running costs across your business.

Available in fast-action, sliding, bi-parting and rapid roll varieties, our cold store doors offer easy access and reliable performance each and every time. Their solid composition and integrated safety measures promise a long service life and greater durability.

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markus Cold Store Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors

Cold Store Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors

One of the World’s leading hermetically sealing doors for the cold storage and freezer industries

Whirlwind Rapid Action Bi-Parting Doors

Rapid Action Bi-Parting Doors

The Whirlwind High Speed Horizontal Bi-Parting Door has been described as one of “the most advanced high-speed doors on the market” and is the high speed door of choice for many of Europe’s leading retailers and manufacturing companies

envirofast Rapid Roll Vertical Doors

Vertical Rapid Roll Doors

One of the fastest and most reliable vertical high speed rapid roll doors on the market

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