Crash Doors

Crash Doors

Expert construction and the use of high-density materials, such as GRP, PVC and polyethylene, ensure our crash doors are sufficiently sturdy to withstand regular, heavy use without displaying signs of damage. Boasting specialist hygienic properties, they are ideal for use across the Food Industry, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Leisure sectors.

Highly versatile, our crash doors can be customised with a range of bespoke features, including vision panes, automatic activation and reinforced panels capable of absorbing excessively high impact. Internal and framework support also offers enhanced durability and an extended product lifespan.

A smooth, swing action, coupled with self-closing or hold-open hinges, enables our crash doors to function optimally in a cross-section of demanding environments, so if you need a door that’s built to last, look no further.

GRP S Type Crash Door

GRP S Type Crash Doors

The original GRP S Type Crash Door suitable for areas of high impact.

flip-flap Polyethylene Doors

Polyethylene Doors

Extremely durable and rigid swing doors constructed from solid 15mm thick high-density polyethylene equipped with heavy duty stainless steel self-closing hinges

flexi-door PVC Crash Doors

PVC Crash Doors

PVC Crash Doors that provide excellent visibility and prevent heat loss, reduce draughts and also reduce noise levels

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