Fast Action Doors

Fast Action Doors

Our fast acting Whirlwind doors are ideal for organisations that move goods with folklifts or trollies. Their swift action and specially designed electro-hydraulic drives achieve an opening speed of 5m/sec which is twice as quick as our competitors.  So when you’re short on time, there’s a real need for speed and our fast-action doors promise just that. Whirlwind are amongst the fastest and most advanced products of their kind on the market. 

In addition to providing users with immediately accessible points of entry, short opening and closing cycles limit the loss of thermal and sound energy, helping to reduce running costs across the board. The innovative design construction and use of non-porous, corrosion-resistant materials in our fast-action doors also aim to significantly reduce the risk of contamination, making them ideal for use in industries where impeccable hygiene is a priority.

Available in bi-parting and rapid roll varieties, our range can be customised to suit your precise measurements and can be adapted to achieve optimum functionality for your business. Interlocking mechanisms, ‘magic eye’ monitoring and automated operating systems are just a few features of cutting-edge technology which can be incorporated into our fast-action doors.

So whether it’s a lateral or vertical, internal or external fast-action door you’re after, we’ve got all bases covered.

Whirlwind Rapid Action Bi-Parting Doors

Rapid Action Bi-Parting Doors

The Whirlwind High Speed Horizontal Bi-Parting Door has been described as one of “the most advanced high-speed doors on the market” and is the high speed door of choice for many of Europe’s leading retailers and manufacturing companies

envirofast Rapid Roll Vertical Doors

Vertical Rapid Roll Doors

One of the fastest and most reliable vertical high speed rapid roll doors on the market

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