Swing Doors

Swing Doors

Capable of withstanding the rigours of continual, heavy impact, our swing doors are made from highly-robust polyethylene or GRP for superior durability. Their easy-clean properties, combined with their resistance to moisture and specialist products – such as acids, animal fats and salt solutions – make them ideal for use in areas where hygiene is paramount.

Our single or double swing door sets with double spring hinges, which can be set to self-close or lock open, offer maximum flexibility for your working environment and can quickly be adapted to meet demand. Vision panels and shock-absorbent bumpers are available as optional extras, as is a choice of frames.

Our swing doors have been supplied to some of the biggest names in UK retail, as well as prominent healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, so if you’re after the cream of the swing door crop, take a look at our range below.

GRP S Type Crash Door

GRP S Type Crash Doors

The original GRP S Type Crash Door suitable for areas of high impact.

flip-flap Polyethylene Doors

Polyethylene Doors

Extremely durable and rigid swing doors constructed from solid 15mm thick high-density polyethylene equipped with heavy duty stainless steel self-closing hinges

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