Hospital Doors

Hospital Doors

Within a hospital setting it is critical key areas comply with the strictest legislation regarding hygiene and safety whilst enduring heavy usage.

Envirodoor manufacture and supply hygienic hospital doors, as either:

- Hinged GRP Door
- Sliding GRP Door
- Hermetic Door

* Manual/Automatic / None fire rated or Fire rated / X ray protection 

Our doors are hygienic, safe and easy to clean.

Key Areas:

- Operating Theatres
- Wards
- X Ray Rooms
- Sterile Rooms

Hygienic Hinged GRP Doors

Hygienic Hinged GRP Doors

The original GRP Hygienic Insulated Door

Hygienic Sliding GRP Doors

Hygienic Sliding GRP Doors

The orginial Enviroplast Hygienic Sliding Door

markus Hygienic Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors

Hygienic Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors

One of the World’s leading hermetically sealing doors for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

envirolab Cleanroom Windows

Cleanroom Windows

enviro-sight Cleanroom & Observation Windows

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